The Roof House
Whitehill Terrace, Lanark

This extension to a modest post war family home in Lanark introduces a contemporary addition, comprising an open plan kitchen, dining and family room, which compliments the traditional form of the existing home. The conventional ‘lean too’ form of the extension has been given a twist by the skewed geometry of the external walls, with roof and walls wrapping themselves around the building core and the extension. The roof and main external wall of the extension are clad in the same red roof tiles as that of the main home, giving the impression that the roof of the main home blends seamlessly onto that of the extension, making the extension feel like an integral part of the home rather than a ‘bolt on addition’. The wrap around form of the external wall is punctured in key areas to ensure that the interior of the home relates to the private rear garden, and the introduction of bifold doors further emphasise this connection between interior and exterior.